Burger Restaurants in Cambridge- SmokeWorks Review

Burger Restaurants in Cambridge- SmokeWorks Review


If you like ‘slow cooked fast food SmokeWorks is the place for you. Part of the Cambs Cuisine group of restaurants in and around the city, this is a great choice when searching for burger restaurants in Cambridge.

burger restaurants n Cambridge

Eating Out in Cambridge:

We were lucky enough to be visiting with a gift voucher from friends this time- they know and our burger loving ways well- see our recommendations for the best burgers in Cambridge here!

From the wines and lagers, to the wide range of Bourbons and milkshakes, you will not be short of choice for drinks (alcoholic and non) to get you started. Order using the cool button service.

mac n cheese

To start:

We start by sharing some Mac and Cheese Fritters. Served with a honey and chilli dip (or truffle if you prefer), these crunchy, moreish little treats are the epitome of comfort food.

vegan burger

The Vegan One:

For the main event, I go for ‘The Vegan one’. A sweetcorn & chickpea patty, raw carrot slaw, spicy almonds, and a cool almond yogurt tzatziki.

vegan burger

A delicious, satisfying burger, served with well-seasoned, crunchy fries.

vegetable side

Vegetables are all too often drenched in oily dressings by restaurants (in my opinion) but this was not the case here. I was delighted! Naturally tasty, crisp, fresh vegetables, with the addition of spiced almonds- a really great side.

burger restaurants in Cambridge

Glazed Pork Belly:

Jon enjoyed one of the classic, meaty mains (the BBQ meats here are amazing). Smoky pork belly, spicy cabbage & cucumber slaw, with a sriracha hot sauce. He goes for sides of white and spring cabbage slaw, alongside more of those great fries. Another happy customer.

Burger restaurants in Cambridge:

SmokeWorks delivers time after time. We always enjoy the food and experience- In a nutshell, this is great service and well-priced, tasty food.

I highly recommend the gift vouchers for any discerning foodie. Valid at any of the Cambs Cuisine restaurants.

SmokeWorks is part of our Foodies Tour of Cambridge.

See our favourite burger restaurants in Cambridge here.

10 thoughts on “Burger Restaurants in Cambridge- SmokeWorks Review”

  • I love Cambridge and this sounds like a delicious place to visit. The food looks amazing. I go to one place only when I have my day visit (Fitzbillies) but next time I will venture out

  • I pretty much can’t eat there – I’m allergic to mustard and they put it in virtually every dish (quite contrary to Natural Law, I might add). Very disappointing, because I do love my slow-cooked meat.

      • What I’d actually like is for them (and every other restaurant) to print allergy information on their menu, both printed and online. It’s not hard.

        What I really hate is having to ask them what’s in every dish I fancy eating – it makes me feel like I have to make a fuss just to get food that isn’t going to make me ill, and I have to rely on the expertise of the waiting staff, or bug the chef at a busy time, neither of which I want to do, as you really don’t want to make a mistake with allergies.

        It’s unlikely they’d be able to do anything off-menu, as most of the mustard will be in the meat rubs or the mayo used in slaws etc. So I’ll happily patronise this group’s other restaurants, but not, I tihnk, this one. (I don’t really care for smoked meat much, smoke suits fish but not meat IMHO.)

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