Best Burger in Birmingham? Original Patty Men Review

Best Burger in Birmingham? Original Patty Men Review

There are many great things to do in Birmingham and loads of excellent places to eat in this vibrant city. We love a shopping day and squeezing in an excellent afternoon tea if we can!  On this occasion though it was all about the burgers!

The Venue:

Nestling behind the shiny disc-covered building that is home to Selfridges in Birmingham you can find the Original Patty Men. The self-proclaimed ‘patty pimps and purveyors of filth!’. The home of the best burger in Birmingham.

A firm favourite of the cities street food scene for many years they took up residence in this old railway arch in 2015. Since then they have gone from strength to strength. It is always the place to go for a quick lunch or evening bite when I find myself back in the city that I called home whilst at university.


The Menu:

A focused but mouth-watering menu of 5 burgers and sides (plus a few specials which change on a daily basis) forces you to make a difficult decision as it all sounds so good. A pleasant problem.

brilliant burgers in Birmingham

The best burger in Birmingham:

I go for the Pineapple express burgeraged longhorn beef patty, maple coated bacon, lettuce, roquito chilli peppers, fresh tomato, cheddar cheese, house pineapple hot sauce. The juicy beefy burger works perfectly with the salty but sweet bacon, cheese, and the punch of heat that comes from a spicy pineapple salsa. I greedily devour the burger without pause!

fries OPM

Vegetarian & Vegan Options:

Mel, who isn’t the biggest burger fan (closes eyes and shakes head) is torn between the vegetarian Po money, Po mushroomPo boy style breaded mushrooms, lettuce, pickle, cajun Boss Man sauce, and the vegan special option. On the advice of the waiter she goes for the vegan burger. This is a crispy battered hunk of tofu expertly cooked and tucked inside a fluffy bun alongside some fresh salad and melting cheese.

I steal a bite and am surprised how well it works. Mel also loved the combination and finished it off . We paired our burgers with Skin on Fries and the O.P.M fries. These are a spicy version of the fries topped with a mound of crispy slaw and Sriracha mayo.

Plan your visit:

A good ‘Arctic Monkeys’ heavy play list, friendly service and a laid back atmosphere all add to the experience. O.P.M is a top place to eat, drink and be happy! Go once and you will be hooked. Arrive early or prepare to wait for your burger. Don’t worry, the queue goes down quickly and it is definitely worth the wait.

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers.

I am a BIG burger fan and also love the burgers at small independent (predominantly London based) chain Patty and Bun. My local favourite is Cambridge based Steak and honour. For a different type of burger and BBQ style try Cambridge based SmokeWorks. See our review of SmokeWorks here. Quality ingredients creating quality burgers- delicious!

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