Bao Buns in Soho- BAO SOHO Review

Bao Buns in Soho- BAO SOHO Review


London has endless possibilities for sightseeing, things to do and places to eat. It is such a vibrant capital city where you will never run out of beautiful places to go, things to do and food to try! What’s more, many of the London attractions, hotels and restaurants are dog friendly so bring your furry family along too. Why not create your own London bucket list and start ticking things off! Once of the delicious offerings are the selection of Bao in London. BAO SOHO is an excellent choice. This is one of three BAO restaurants dotted around the city from the same group which all specialise in Taiwanese BAO. These fluffy, delicious steamed bao buns in Soho are stuffed with mounds of tantalising different fillings have become a firm favourite of mine.
BAO SOHO, London

Classic Bao:

I opt for a classic BAO and a fried chicken BAO. Both are superb and absolutely packed with flavour. The classic just about wins due to its delicious pulled pork filling topped with an incredibly moreish peanut dust
But the fried chicken is a very close second. Crispy and with a hit of heat.
London, BAO buns


I also go for a small bowl of trotter nuggets which are deep, rich and piggy in the best way.
BAO, SOHO, LONDON, Nuggets, trotter
A bowl of slow cooked aubergine, spiced to just the right level (for me anyway) are served with a few wonton crisps.  A good contrast to the meaty options and a seasonal soda (blackberry and jasmine) helps wash this all down.
Aubergine, BAO, SOHO, wonton

Bao buns in Soho:

Service here is efficient and quick and this is a great value lunch, bao buns in Soho. Next time I am going all in for a full BAO selection including confit pork, lamb shoulder, daikon, plus the classic and the fried chicken!

Bao Out of London:

If you live in the Cambridgeshire area GUERRILLA KITCHEN do a fine selection of BAO so try these too. You won’t be disappointed.
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