Travel Safely with your Dog

Travel Safely with your Dog

We love to travel with our dogs regularly and having them with us really does make our holiday. We tend to travel to remote holiday destinations in the UK but are planning to go overseas with them in the future. It is really important for us to know that our furry family are safe away from home. Here are a few ways you can travel safely with peace of mind.

Visit your vet:

Before travelling, visit your vet and make sure that your dog in in good health and up to date with the relevant vaccinations. Your vet will be able to advise you about the appropriate travel guidelines also depending on where you are planning to go.

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Research the area you are travelling to and make sure that you are aware of any local rules and regulations. Find a local vet also so that , if you need one, you know exactly who and where to take your dog. This really helps you relax and switch off. The owner of the accommodation you are staying in can often be helpful in recommending a good professional. Make sure that your insurance is up to date and covers your trip also.


Make sure that you travel with the essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Take a dog’s first aid kit with you, have plenty of fresh drinking water, a travel bowl (the foldable ones are fabulous!), and food and any medication they may need. Also plan where you will take regular breaks so that you and your dog can stretch your legs and have a toilet trip!

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Travel safely on the road:

Using a good quality GPS car tracker can also offer huge peace of mind. Track your vehicle in real time, knowing its live location, speed of the car and much more. Knowing the status of your car security anytime and anywhere is really reassuring. If your car happened to be stolen, you can quickly locate it and most importantly, if your dog is in the car, always know the location of your precious cargo.

Track your dog:

Alongside tracking your car, having a GPS dog tracker really helps us feel like we have an extra level of security to our trip. It also has many fun functions like monitoring activity levels. That is tracking covered!

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And relax!

Now that you have considered all of the elements of how to travel safely with your dog you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing that you have done everything you can to be prepared for most usual eventualities. Happy traveling!

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