Why do Sighthounds Make Amazing Pets?

Why do Sighthounds Make Amazing Pets?

So, you want to get a dog? I don’t blame you! Dogs make great pets and can be loyal companions for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. However, selecting the right four-legged companion is no easy task. Depending on their breed and general health, dogs can live for up to 15 years, so you need to be prepared for the long haul. So how do you choose? We are a little biased but sighthounds do make amazing pets.

Having to live with an animal for many years means you need to pick out the right breed. That’s no mean feat in itself, as there are over 200 breeds recognised by the UK Kennel Club and many more crossbreed variations. That means you’ve got to figure out what breed matches your needs to narrow down your search. Thankfully, dog breeds are split into categories, and there are further sub-sections within these.

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Why choose a sighthound?

One such section of the hound group is the sighthound. As the name suggests, sighthounds were bred to use their eyes to find prey, and they can make great pets for many households. As whippet owners ourselves, we know just how great sighthounds can be. If you’re looking to be persuaded, keep reading!

Which Sighthound?

Sighthounds come in all shapes and sizes, and whippets are just one breed that you might consider when choosing a dog from this category. Breeds like Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds, Salukis, and Borzoi are the obvious options, and these elegant dogs possess unique qualities that can make them amazing pets for the right owners. Some other sighthound breeds that might not seem so obvious include Irish Wolfhounds and Deerhounds, which are larger pets, as well as Rhodesian Ridgebacks. There is some debate about whether Rhodesian Ridgebacks are sight or scenthounds, but either way, there’s still plenty of sighthounds to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to be part of your family.

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Sighthounds are versatile:

As a versatile breed category, sighthounds suit a wide range of owners. Despite their remarkable speed, sighthounds are often described as gentle giants, or lazy toads in the whippets case! They tend to have a calm and laid-back demeanour, making them well-suited for indoor living and apartment environments. They are known for their low-energy behaviour when indoors, which can be a pleasant surprise for potential dog owners. As such, they work well for those who love the outdoor life, but smaller sighthounds can also be great house pets who don’t need as much exercise as you might imagine.

Sighthounds are healthy:

While there are no guarantees, sighthounds are often renowned as being healthier than some other breeds of dog, like brachycephalic dogs. Sighthounds often don’t have quite as many hereditary health issues as other breeds. However, they can get into accidents as they’re very fast and- in our experience- more than a little bit clumsy! If your dog does hurt themselves, support is available from your vet. By working with specialist orthopaedic vets like the Moores Orthopaedic Clinic, you can get your sighthound back on track after any fall or accident.

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Other reasons why sighthounds are wonderful pets:

Sighthounds are great fun. Hounds are full of character and will entertain you with their funny ways. They are also extremely loving and affectionate, wanting nothing more than a good cuddle. They are sensitive souls and make terrific companions. Like all of the canines, they have the wonderful qualities of all dogs, including loyalty and devotion.

Choose carefully:

While sighthounds can be wonderful pets, it’s important to remember that each dog is an individual with its own personality. Before bringing any dog into your home, make sure to research the breed thoroughly. Consider your own lifestyle and capabilities, and be prepared to provide the necessary care, training, and attention that your new furry friend will need. You’ll then be able to make them part of the family in no time. Good luck picking out your perfect pooch!

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