Do I Use a Dog Wormer or Not?

Do I Use a Dog Wormer or Not?

An essential part of being a dog owner is keeping them happy and healthy. Not all owners want to use parasite protection and this is a contentious topic. Many vets will confirm that using a dog wormer is essential because it keeps your dog healthy but how to deworm the dog is a different topic and can be mild blowing. Here we will discuss how to find the right one for your dog. 

Firstly, you need to consider your dogs breed and what kind of wormer will be effective on them. There are many options as far as the wormers are concerned.  Seek advice from your vets as they have the expect knowledge to make sure you are doing this safely, using a good quality product. When deworming dogs, you must keep certain things in mind.

How do dogs get worms?

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If your dog loves being out and about, chances are they will be exposed to worms. Dogs constantly have their noses to the ground and love exploring the world through smell and taste.

Why deworm?

The main intention of this medication is to get rid of worms that might harm your dog. There are several kinds of detrimental worms like tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, and so on. Each worm infection has different results. If you notice your dog scratching, having an upset stomach, being bloated, or being off their food they could have worms. You may even see worms in their stools. Having worms can make your dog feel really unwell and even be seriously harmful so treat regularly to avoid this.

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Seek expert advice:

There is no one better than your vet who can detect the problems and give medication. If the dog needs something as a precaution, then let it be your vet’s choice as well. Whatever brand and type of worming treatment they choose, you should give that to your dog.  You may consult multiple vets, but don’t try using your sense without any strong backup and research.  There could be some medications that will not suit your dog. Again, refer back to your trusted expert and let them decide the next course of action as alternatives.

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Talk to other dog parents:

Finding advice from other owners is a great way of getting advice and keeping abreast of what is happening in the dog’s medical world. Talk to other people who also have dogs and learn what they use for deworming their dogs. Always remember however that vets are the experts in these matters so do value their opinion.

Choosing the Suitable worming treatment for your Dogs:

As previously mentioned, your vet will be able to help you choose the right medication. They will base the decision on:

  • The composition of the medicine
  • The age and condition of the dog
  • The breed and size of the dog
  • The effectiveness of the medicine and the condition of the worms in the dogs

Carefully follow the instructions, dosage and guidance given by your vet. Some owners choose to opt for a natural wormer but again, seek advice.

We hope that this has helped demystify the wormer topic a little. Above all else, keep your beautiful dog happy and healthy.

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