Cambridge Food- MJP@TheShepherds

Cambridge Food- MJP@TheShepherds

We enjoy the sociable, sharing element of the small plates style of dining. As a slightly food obsessed, greedy couple this allows us to try as much of the menu as possible! Imagine our delight to hear about the opening of a restaurant offering this on our doorstep?

MJP at The Shepherds

We had the pleasure of eating at the recently opened Fen Ditton based MJP@TheShepherds . Choose from plant based, fish and meat plates. Share small plates or fly solo with your own large plates- the choice is yours. A refreshing and modern way of dining and something Cambridge food lovers have warmly welcomed.  

A Covid-safe place:

table setting

On arrival, the Covid-safe procedures made us feel really safe. We had loads of space around our table, masks were worn by all staff (and customers as they were making their way to their tables) and sanitizer was readily available. 


The drinks offering here is well priced. I enjoyed the crisp Verdejo while Jon raved about the dry hopped lager in the rather beautiful chunky glass.


MJP sourdough loaf
Sourdough loaf with Fen Farm butter.

We get started with a freshly baked sourdough loaf accompanied by a generous portion of light, whipped Fen Farm butter. This is completely fabulous- soft, warm, but crunchy in all of the right places. I love bread so had to restrain myself from eating it all down greedily. We were advised to save some for the delicious sauces on the dishes to come- this was excellent advice. 

The small plates: 

The staff, knowing the dishes well, organised our choices into course for us.

Cambridge food
Halibut, butternut squash, Foley mussel, curry.

We start with Halibut, butternut squash, Foley Mussel curry. This was when the remaining bread really came into its own! A soft, piece of halibut with a really light but flavoursome sauce.

cauliflower risotto
Cauliflower risotto, goats’ cheese, pickled mustard seeds.

Paired with the Cauliflower risotto, tasty with goats cheese and pickled mustard seeds. 

lamb rump
Lamb rump, tomato and cumin, spiced haggis.

Our second course took us to the rich meaty dishes. Lamb rump with peppery haggis, tomato and cumin.

Cambridge food
Norfolk quail, bourguignon, potato terrine.

The Norfolk quail, bourguignon with a potato terrine was a really satisfying dish. The meat on both dishes was expertly cooked with those deep flavours that you only smell and taste in a really good restaurant.  


Baron Bigod cheese
Truffled Baron Bigod, apple and ale, toasted sourdough.

Managing to squeeze in a cheese course, we both loved the apple and ale chutney with a ample wedge of truffled Baron Bigod. Served with some light sourdough crispbread.

Sweet plates:

black forest MJP
Mark’s black forest.

The sweet plates were interesting and clever. My favourite was Mark’s Black Forest, which as you may have guessed was all of the flavours you would expect from the classic dessert. Really chocolatey and rich.

Apricot and almond Battenberg, Amaretto.

The almond and apricot Battenberg completed our meal and a fine end to proceedings it was too. The amoretto cream was divine! 


We finish with coffee and petit fours. The lightest marshmallow I have ever eaten with the fresh flavour of lime. I am not usually a fan of marshmallow but this has converted me. 

Eat and stay:

entrance MJP

We loved our meal here. Service at MJP was warm and welcoming from the moment we entered. The price of the food and drink is very good and great value for the quality. You are also able to stay at MJP so why not book a room and make a weekend of it, eating and visiting Cambridge?

Cambridge food:

We will most definitely be back to MJP and since visiting have bought gift vouchers for our family to enjoy. A wonderful addition to the Cambridge food scene.

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