What to Write in a 65th Birthday Card

What to Write in a 65th Birthday Card

We have many special birthdays to celebrate in our family this year. A milestone birthday is a good excuse to spoil a loved one, and turning 65 is a special one. We love finding personal gifts and of course a special 65th birthday card. They come in various forms, shapes, and sizes, for example, 65th birthday photo upload cards you can personalise with a photo of your choice, like on Boomf. Birthdays like this are usually very rare to celebrate as it is not one of the decade birthdays that are celebrated. This does not mean that we should not do something special to celebrate this birthday. No matter how small this birthday is to be celebrated, 65th birthday cards can never be too extravagant for a birthday present.

How to Make a Unique 65th Birthday Card

Here are different ways of making 65th Birthday Cards very unique and special

  • Write in your handwriting. When drafting the wish or letter in the card, write in your own handwriting. This makes it more special and unique. If you’re not sure about your handwriting, you can always type in your message using different pretty fonts offered in online card shops.
  • Use relatable words or lines. When writing, write something that would make your grandmother or mother or even father know that you are the writer of the content. It could be a past memory, something that is only known by the two of you or even a picture of their favourite time in their lives.
  • Use a completely different form of card: Instead of using plain paper cards, there are different varieties of 65th birthday cards. There are cards that spray confetti or pop out funny characters, 3D photo cards, and more.

These are the ways to make your card unique and you can check them all out at Boomf.

Words to Write in a 65th Birthday Card

The words to write in 65th birthday cards should be sweet, relatable and something that characterizes the person. If it is your grandmother and she is a music lover, give her a musical card with her favourite song. If she’s into poetry, you can write a poem or get an extract from a piece she will recognize. If she is a football or cat lover with a good sense of humour, you can choose an appropriate design and write cat or football jokes. If you do not know where to find and how to choose the perfect card, you can always turn to Boomf for help.

Happy celebrating everyone! Let us know how you like to mark milestone birthdays in the comment below.

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