10 Interesting Facts About Cheese Hampers You Didn’t Know

10 Interesting Facts About Cheese Hampers You Didn’t Know

You will hardly find anyone who doesn’t love cheese. You can have it by itself or with most other foods. It goes well with pasta, pizza, sandwiches, burgers—you name it. Everything tastes better with cheese. So when it comes to giving gifts or hampers, it is safe to say most people would love to get cheese. Cheese as a gift item is getting very popular these days. With so much variety, you will surely find something suitable for your preference. You can get classic cheeses as well as luxury cheeses, and even cheese hampers.

10 Interesting Facts about Cheese Hampers

Cheese hampers are great options when you want to give cheese as a gift. You can get a collection of cheeses and some additional items that complement them, finding them at different price points as well. You can guess that cheese hampers will have cheese and some items which are related to it. However, there are some other interesting facts too that you should know about.

1. You Can Customize Cheese and Wine Hampers

People often presume that they have to buy hampers as is. That is not always true. Some hamper sellers provide the option for customisation. You can add your choice of cheeses and wines. Additionally, you can choose the number of items in the hamper. The number and quality of items you choose will determine the price. There could be other customisations available on request. So if you want to surprise someone with some exclusive items or customised things, you can!

2. Cheese and Chocolate Hampers Are Surprisingly Good

Cheese and wine are a popular combination. However, cheese and chocolate are fantastic too. People do not often think about this combination but it really works as both are such a treat! You can choose different types of chocolates with different types of cheese, or go for a really good default options hamper. What a great gift to receive.

3. You Can Get Vegan Cheese Hampers

You will get a straight no from vegans when you ask them about cheese. This was understandable maybe 20 years back. However, many people do not know yet that there are plenty of vegan options for cheese as well.

Vegan cheese is made of milk from soy, nuts, or other plant-based ingredients. So without any hesitation, you can go for the vegan cheese hampers for your vegan friends and family members. They will definitely appreciate the idea of vegan cheese if they are not aware of it already. Now they can include cheeses in their meat-free feel-good foods.

4. You Can Get Exclusive Cheese in Cheese Hampers

Most people assume that they will get some generic cheeses or items on cheese hampers. You can get some expensive and exclusive cheeses. Different types of goat-milk cheese, sheep-milk cheese, etc., are some of the luxury items that you can get in a cheese hamper. Unique cheeses can be added to your hamper on request. You might have to spend a little more than usual for that, but it is all worth it.

5. Some Cheeses Are Illegal in the USA

Although you get to pick and choose from a plethora of cheeses, there might be some restrictions. You need to double-check, especially if you are in the USA or sending a cheese hamper to someone in the USA. Some cheeses are not approved by the FDA and are considered illegal to import.

The legal restrictions are mostly surrounded by raw cheese. Although raw cheese might be completely legal in the origin country and have several benefits, they are illegal to import into the USA. Raw cheeses have to be at least 60 days old to be legally approved. Even after that, the FDA can consider some cheese harmful.

Among illegal cheeses is authentic Camembert. This cheese is also known as Camembert de Normandie. It has to be made from unpasteurized milk. Therefore, it is considered a health risk and hence illegal in the States. Although there are some Camembert cheeses available in the USA, they are not authentic.

6. Cheese Hampers Are Great for Any Occasion

Cheese hampers seem like a great Christmas food gift. However, you do not have to wait for Christmas to give someone a cheese hamper. It is an absolutely amazing gift for any occasion all year round.

If it is the birthday of someone that loves cheese, you can give them a cheese hamper. It can be suitable for someone who loves cooking as well. As we have already mentioned, if your vegan friend avoids cheese and does not know about vegan cheeses, you can surely give them a vegan cheese hamper on any occasion.

Moreover, cheese and wine hampers can be suitable for corporate events. In short, it can be a token of appreciation at any given time or occasion. The receiver will definitely not complain about getting it as a gift.

Fun fact, Queen Victoria was presented with the world’s largest cheddar cheese wheel at her wedding. It was about nine feet in circumference and 20 inches deep. If the queen graciously accepted this unique gift, the receiver of your cheese hamper will undoubtedly also appreciate the gesture.

7. You Can Try Sweet Cheese

If the person you are thinking of giving a cheese hamper to has a sweet tooth, you can choose some sweet cheese options. Cheese being sweet can come as a surprise to many. However, there are many flavored cheeses available, and some of them are sweet.

Many kinds of cheese are mixed with different sweet fruits, which adds sweetness to the cheese. They can be consumed by themselves as a snack or with other foods.

Another surprising fact about cheeses is that they are good for preventing tooth decay. Similar to milk, cheese is a great source of calcium, which is very good for teeth. Consuming cheese on a regular basis can immensely decrease the chances of tooth decay or cavities.

8. You Can Go for Handmade Cheese Hampers

If you really want your cheese hamper to be special, you should consider adding at least a few handmade items. Handmade cheeses taste marvelous, and they allow you to have the taste of raw cheese.

By choosing handmade cheese, you not only have the authentic flavor, but you can also appreciate the cheese maker’s hard work and the art and tradition of cheese making. You can also get cheeses with no artificial flavoring or preservatives. Furthermore, if you give handmade cheese to a person who is knowledgeable about cheeses, they will really be thankful for the present.

9. Choose Cheese Hampers for Insomniacs

A lesser-known fact about cheese is that it helps with good sleep. Having some slices of cheese before going to bed can help with insomnia. A good night’s sleep can decrease the chances of having nightmares. That being said, consider gifting a cheese hamper to a person who has trouble sleeping. It is natural and does not have any side effects. There is no harm in trying it for yourself. If it works for the receiver, it will be great as they won’t have to worry about unnecessary medicines to have a good night’s sleep.

10. Lactose Intolerance Might Not Be a Problem

Many people who are lactose-intolerant think that they cannot eat cheese,  but this is not true for everyone. Many people who are incapable of digesting milk can have other dairy products without any issues. Cheeses that are aged tend to have a small amount of lactose in them. Milk gets processed and fermented. The lactose in the milk turns into lactic acid, which does not trigger a lactose-intolerance response. Therefore, consuming those does not create any problems.

However, keep in mind that freshly made cheese tends to have more lactose. So it is better to avoid fresh cheeses. When it comes to selecting a good cheese hamper for your lactose-intolerant friends, ensure that you add cheeses like Parmesan, Cheddar, Swiss, and Muenster. These are aged cheeses that have a low risk of causing issues for lactose-intolerant people.

Gifting a cheese hamper

Cheese was created over 4000 years ago, and it is still loved by most people all over the world. No wonder it also makes a great gift. Although cheese-making methods were created long ago, some modern additions have been introduced. As a result, we have plenty of variations to choose from.

Moreover, there are so many snacks and foods available that are either cheese-flavoured or go well with cheese. So if you are thinking of combining ingredients in a cheese hamper, you can easily do that too. Here’s hoping I receive one of these gifts!

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