The Science of Snuggles: What the Latest Pet Ownership Study Reveals About Our Furry Friends

The Science of Snuggles: What the Latest Pet Ownership Study Reveals About Our Furry Friends

The bond between humans and pets is a tale as old as time, yet new insights continue to illuminate the depth and complexity of this relationship. Dogs are great for our health – humans could also learn so much from dogs. Recent findings from a comprehensive study by Purina, involving 2,000 pet owners across the UK, shed light on the “science of snuggles” and how our interactions with pets enrich our lives, providing fascinating revelations about the emotional and physical benefits of pet ownership.

Delving Into the Heart of Pet Bonds


At the core of our connection with pets lies an intricate tapestry of companionship, emotional support, and mutual affection. The pet ownership study unveils that an astounding 73% of pet owners identify their pets as their best friends, suggesting that the comfort and affection pets offer rival even our deepest human relationships.

This finding underscores the significance of pets as integral components of our social and emotional worlds.

Unravelling the Comfort of Companionship

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The emotional sustenance pets provide is unparalleled. The survey highlights that 89% of respondents consider their pets as cherished family members, reinforcing the notion that pets do more than just fill our homes; they complete our familial circles.

Claire Robinson-Davies, Corporate Communications Director for Purina UK and Ireland, reflects on this, noting, “Pet owners are making their pets a priority like they would any family member. They shape their schedule around them and include them in their activities. It shows that owners truly view them as a member of the family, which in turn, nurtures the bond between pets and their owners.”

A Look at the Therapeutic Role of Pets

Pets play a pivotal role in mental health, serving as silent therapists in fur coats. The study points out that a significant 79% of participants engage in meaningful conversations with their pets, highlighting the therapeutic aspect of pet interactions.

This dialogic engagement reveals pets as sources of emotional release and psychological relief, acting as sounding boards for our thoughts and feelings.

Furry Companions on Family Adventures

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The adventure of life is one shared with our pets, as indicated by the 48% of pet owners who include their pets in family holidays, and a noteworthy 4% who travel abroad with them.

This practice emphasises pets as companions in exploration and leisure, underscoring the desire to share life’s most precious moments with them.

Lessons Learned from Pets

Pets inadvertently become teachers, imparting lessons on empathy, responsibility, and the cycle of life. Through caring for pets, individuals, especially children, learn about the responsibilities of caregiving, the importance of routine, and the unspoken language of care and affection.

These lessons transcend the pet-owner relationship, influencing broader aspects of personal and social development.

Innovations in Pet Care

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Technological advancements and increased access to information have transformed the way we care for and understand our pets. From innovative pet health apps to forums and resources that offer advice and support, pet owners are now better equipped than ever to meet their pets’ needs, enriching the bond between them.


The latest study by Purina not only reinforces what many pet owners inherently know about the joys and benefits of pet ownership but also brings to light new insights into the science of snuggles. Our furry friends offer us unconditional love, emotional support, and countless lessons, deeply enriching our lives.

As we continue to explore and understand the complexities of these relationships, it becomes clear that pets are much more than companions; they are family, friends, and teachers, playing a pivotal role in our well-being and happiness.

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  • Loved the article. These were things I already know from all of the animals Ive known and koved over my 65 years, but its nice to know that other families agree.

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