Five Tips to Make a Pet Friendly House for your Dog

Five Tips to Make a Pet Friendly House for your Dog

If you have a dog, keeping them safe at home is always one of your top priorities. We all know that dogs need care and attention, but it can be easy to forget how quickly they can cause mischief- particularly if they are young pups! Making a puppy proof house is really important. This means you need to be vigilant and prepared to keep them securely out of harm’s way. So, what can you do to keep them out of danger? Here we will share five tips of how to make your pet friendly house.

Move with them in mind

If you are planning a move, you may be able to make your choice as dog friendly as possible. Try to be flexible with the areas you consider and make dog-friendliness one of your criteria when viewing properties. Look at the surrounding areas to walk, and consider the outdoor space you have with the home. If you are moving onto a new housing development, you can often request custom modifications to new houses before they’re full built, which could help you create the perfect home for your furry family.

Tidy up clutter

dog proof

Keeping your home well organised is one of the most important things you can do to make it safer for your pup. Dogs love to explore, so you need to ensure that absolutely everything has a secure place out of reach. Clear away any objects that your dog could chew, swallow or choke on, including children’s toys, technological devices and jewellery. Stash any medicines away, well out of pups reach. You should also keep any breakable objects out of reach so that there isn’t any chance your dog could break them and injure themselves on sharp shards. Think about creating a safe and cosy den for your dog. This should include a comfortable bed or crate. You may also consider the use of a dog playpen so that you know your dog is safe for short periods unsupervised if needed.

Tidying up clutter also extends to food types. Make sure that your dog cannot access unsafe human foods so consider clearing work surfaces and supervising your dog around young children who may drop food on the floor.

Control the temperature

cosy den

An environment that has extreme temperatures won’t be safe for your dog. On the one hand, your dog is at risk of getting heatstroke if your they get too hot and can’t reduce their temperature through panting. On the other hand, it’s dangerous if your dog gets too cold and don’t have anything to supplement the warmth their fur provides.

For warmth, provide ample bedding, including warm blankets, to help them stay cosy. Some breeds also benefit from PJs! If your dog is elderly, a heat mat may also reduce aches and pains in their limbs. For those hot summer days, create a cool den in a shady space with ample ventilation. Set the thermostat to maintain an even and moderate temperature throughout the day and night and make sure that fresh drinking water is available throughout the day in all temperatures.

Be careful with plants

plants and dogs
Image by Caity from Pixabay

Some plants are toxic for dogs and can be extremely harmful for their health. These include:

  • Holly
  • Easter lily
  • Daffodils
  • Carnations
  • Crocuses
  • Ivy
  • Yew
  • Tulips
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Foxgloves
  • Hydrangeas

You should check the different plants you have inside your home, in the garden and along any walking routes you take on a regular basis. It’s also worth learning what the different dangerous plants for dogs look like so you can keep an eye out in any new areas.

Keep openings secure


Another big safety concern is that your dog might get out of your house, either while you’re distracted or away from home. Remember to keep all doors and gates securely shut and locked. Likewise with windows, unless you need to keep them slightly open for better ventilation. Check any fences in your garden for gaps your pup could wriggle through, making sure that your perimeter is secure. Consider giving yourself peace of mind by researching the best cheap pet insurance options.

Keeping your dog safe takes care and effort but the benefits offer vital comfort to your dog- happy dog happy owner! Which of these dog safety tips will you implement first?

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