How to Create a Puppy Proof House

How to Create a Puppy Proof House

Getting a puppy is such an exciting time but also a huge learning curve for new owners. A new puppy will be curious and into everything it has access to. Therefore it is important to create a puppy proof house before your new arrival. This will keep them safe and also limit the likelihood of costly damage occurring. Considering the pets in your household can allow you to make some smart organisation, decorating and design choices, and keep you all safe and happy.

Create a den in your puppy proof house:

Bringing a new animal into the home requires planning. Your dog will need a quiet, safe space to call their own so choose a den. Some owners opt for crate training their puppy, others prefer to allow their dog the run of a safety checked room which contains a bed. This is a very personal decision and should suit your own circumstances. If your puppy or dog is going to have short periods of time alone and will not be in a crate, be sure that the space they are left in is safe and secure.

Scan the space:

Puppy’s are nosy and curious. They will explore, using their mouth, in order to learn about the world. Remove anything that may fall on them or hurt them and tuck away or remove wires. Also put away anything that you would hate to be damaged. Puppy will love to chew and they don’t know the difference between their toy and your favourite shoes so will need to be taught by you. Scan the area to see what potential harms you can see- a little like when you a toddler comes to your home! Consider small objects that could be swallowed, chemicals or products within puppy reach, sharp objects, house plants etc. Stair gates can be really useful to help contain your puppy and create safe spaces.

Consider your décor:

Fur and muddy paws mean that you will have to frequently vacuum and dust so do consider this when buying your furnishings. The space you give your puppy access to will likely be exposed to toilet training accidents and dirty paws . However limiting their space can help with this. You may not wish to replace that carpet or sofa while you have a small puppy in the house but rather wait until they have come out of the nibble phase.

Move any soft furnishings or ornaments that are tempting to a puppy. You may want to hang pictures on the walls or keep some on side tables. For pictures and hangings, consider the use of metal background for photos which allow you to wipe away that pet dander without risking the quality of the image itself. They are also quite scratch resistant meaning that, should your pet decide to climb on tables and knock your pictures over, you will not have to deal with a hurt puppy or broken picture.


Little noses can reach to all sorts of places. With their amazing sense of smell, dogs are able to sniff out tasty treats and use their cunning to get them. Many human foods are unsuitable for dogs, some even being fatal, so prevent a visit to the vet through careful storage of such foods and supervision. Make sure that foods are well out of reach from puppy. This may require some training if you have young children who may drop food. Refer to the toxic food list for guidance on what to be extra careful of. If an accident does occur, your puppy will need to get to the vet as soon as possible.

Simple medications, such as ibuprofen, can lead to kidney failure if consumed by your pet. To minimise the likelihood of this occurring, it can be a good idea to have a safe, secure place for you to keep them. This could be put up in the bathroom or kitchen, allowing you to access your supplies, when necessary, but protect your pets from harm.

puppy proof house


You have created a puppy proof house but what about the outside space? Be sure to check that your garden is secure if you intend to let your puppy out. Look at the fencing for potential escape gaps, and see if there are any toxic or dangerous items at ground level. As with in the house, check for anything heavy that could fall on your puppy. There are also plants that are toxic to dogs so careful supervision is necessary.

With a little thought and preparation, bringing your puppy home can be calm and simply lovely! We hope that you have a wonderful time with your new addition in your puppy proof house.

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