Hoover Upright 300 Pet Hoover Review

Hoover Upright 300 Pet Hoover Review

Those of us who have dogs absolutely adore them but the endless pet hair and grub can be hard to keep on top of. Finding a really great pet hoover can be a game changer! We recently discovered the Upright Hoover Upright 300 Pet Vacuum Cleaner AKA ‘The Lightest, Steerable Upright Hoover Vacuum EVER!‘ ‘and were really impressed with its functions. Here’s why.


vacuum pet

This is a really powerful little vacuum. It effortlessly got rid of all of those little dog hairs and bits of mud etc. I also loved the mini turbo brush which I used on the sofas. It got the stubborn hairs out of the fabric and left the cushions looking lovely and plush.

vacuum for pet hair

We have Chesterfield sofas where little dog hairs can sneak in and hide but this Hoover has plenty of attachments to tackle those. Great for allergy sufferers as the washable H13 HEPA filter traps allergens and helps purify the air.



I was surprised that this vacuum weighs only 5kg. Lightweight is a non-negotiable for me but I could easily move this around the house and up the stairs etc. It has a lovely, glide-like movement while you are actually vacuuming so felt effortless. The cord is long so it is really practical too.


pet hoover

Our small terrace house has plenty of nooks and crannies and, due to the steering and weight, the Hoover 300 was brilliant for moving in and out of corners and small spaces without my usual ‘bumping into’ action. On the brush bar you can alter the settings between carpet and hard floor to get the best performance. There is even a rug setting!

Easy to empty:

pet hoover 300

The dirt (and pet hairs!) collect in the dust container. You simply click a button to remove the container and tip it in to the bun- so easy! No onerous scooping out and wiping, making it as straight-forward, quick and easy as possible. My kind of appliance.

Great choice for a pet hoover:

pet hoover

At last a lightweight pet hoover that deals with those pesky little dog hairs with ease- it looks really good too doesn’t it? I was really pleased with the overall performance of the Hoover Upright 300 Pet vacuum and think its great value at its current online price of £129. The perfect solution to problematic pet hair.

Hoover invited me to review their product and I have been happy to recommend them based on their quality product. As always, all opinions are my own.

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