How to Help Dogs with Arthritis & Mobility Issues

How to Help Dogs with Arthritis & Mobility Issues

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Dogs are now living longer than before with better care and nutrition. However, with increased longevity may come arthritis. While it may be difficult to address the underlying causes of arthritis and joint pain (like the formation of scar tissue, calcium deposits, changes to the joint bones, torn or missing cartilage etc.), there are several ways of making life easier for your dog.

Eliminate the Factors Inflaming the Joints

best dog food for arthritis

Though it is natural to think of different things that you can give your dog with arthritis to alleviate the pain, you first need to focus on the things that may be causing the inflammation. This way you can quickly eliminate them and bring relief to your pet.

Some of the most obvious elements to consider removing are the chemical-laden highly-processed dry foods and pet treats. Also, after consulting your vet, consider eliminating chemical-based medications normally used for worm and flea control and many other ailments. Removing the potentially toxic stuff can have a marked improvement in the health of your dog.

The best dog food for arthritis and mobility issues

best dog food for arthritis and mobility

All dogs, but more particularly dogs suffering from joint pains, need a diet that is fresh and nutritious, ideally containing meat, bone, and cartilage that provides a lot of calcium, chondroitin, glucosamine, and other minerals essential for good joint health. You can use either a pre-made raw dog food or make it fresh at home but add fresh oily sardines to it so that it can provide the much-need joint lubrication.

Focus on Weight Control

Having considered the best dog food for arthritis lets discuss weight. Due to the love and care that we bestow on our pets, our pets can sometimes be overweight. It is all the more important for dogs with inflamed joints to be lean as it can help to take the weight off their joints. Ideally, you should be able to see a faint outline of the ribs. Consult your vet on a suitable weight for your dog and tailor food amounts based on your dog’s age, breed and lifestyle.

If your dog needs to lose weight, make sure it is by not by eating less but by eating smarter. It is better to focus on white meats and veggies over a red meat diet. Reducing the weight of your dog is the most inexpensive way of managing arthritis.

Include Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

dog mobility

Consider giving your dog cod liver capsules along with their dinner so that the omega-3 fatty acid can lubricate the joints. If you can, give fresh sardines. This way you can avoid the capsules. You can even buy phytoplankton, and krill oil but you need to buy the good quality stuff to prevent giving you dog an extra dose of heavy metals. Other effective dietary supplements include green-lipped mussel, golden turmeric paste, Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM. Again, consult your vet for recommended, quality supplements.


Mobility issues can be a matter of great concern for aging dogs so it is important to visit a vet to locate the true nature of the problem. Feeding the best dog food for arthritis and mobility issues will help your dog. Combine this with weight reduction and maintenance, and anti-inflammatory supplements. Also research the right kind of exercise, and invest a comfortable bed for your dog to aid their comfort for your dog.

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