Just how much do you love your dog?

Just how much do you love your dog?

It is no secret that here in the U.K. we are a nation of absolute dog lovers. Pets are our beloved family members. They show us infinite love and we adore them. But just how much do we love them? A cheeky cuddle on the sofa, an invitation into your bed, or sharing your sandwich? The opportunities to love your pets are endless. But how far do we Brits actually go for our furry friends? Furniture specialists Hammonds surveyed a group of 2000 people, asking what their behaviour is like with their pets and how much they spoil them. This is what they found.

Sitting on the chairs

love your dog

Everyone loves a snuggle, don’t they? So, who better to snuggle with than your best furry friend? We entered dog ownership thinking ‘never’ to our dog being allowed on the sofa but here we are as an ‘always’ family and we are not alone it seems. Despite hair getting on the sofa, muddy paw prints lining the cover and claws pulling on the wool, 51% of us Brits surveyed let their pets on the sofa. Those cuddles are so worth it!

Sleeping in your bed

dog lovers

Where your dog sleeps in a very personal decision and an owners choice. Many dog experts see no problem with your dog sharing the duvet behaviour wise but this of course depends on the size of your dog and your preference (and comfort!). After all, it is one thing sharing a blanket on the sofa, but it’s another having a huge and hairy bed companion. The hairs on the sheets, paws in the ribs, and the snoring do not put us Brits off however as according to Hammonds, a staggering 41% of people surveyed say their pets to sleep in their beds with them.

Sleep in the spare bed

Normally, the spare bed is saved for guests. However, some Brits have a different idea. 20% of people surveyed by Hammonds let their pets sleep in the spare bed. They have their own bedroom and why not!

Sharing food

sharing food dog

There are many human foods that dogs shouldn’t eat so we need to be careful when loving our dogs through food, or sharing food. However, if your pet is sitting down and staring at you in the eyes, it can be hard to say no. Brits seem to be staying strong when it comes to treating our pets. Hammonds report that only 21% of people surveyed share food with their pets. However, when it comes to giving them their treats, just 24% of people allow them to beg. We are true dog lovers who want healthy dogs clearly.

Shower them with gifts

Christmas gifts for dogs

Ok, so who celebrates their dogs birthday? Buys then a Christmas gift? Us Brits love nothing more than treating our dogs at special times of the year- some lucky pooches even get a party complete with a cake. Perhaps you are the sort of owner that loves receiving personalised dog lovers gifts? I certainly am!

Licking your plate


This one is bound to split the crowd. Would you allow a lick of an empty plate? Once they have finished their meal 15% of people surveyed by Hammonds let their pet lick their plate. This means they either hold it up or put it on the floor for them to clear up. Many people take issue with this saying that it’s unhygienic to mix your crockery with your pets. However, it clearly doesn’t stop some!

How do you show that you love your dog?

What do you do to show your dog just how much your love them? Let us know the ways you love your dog in the comments below.

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