Care Tips for Dogs in Winter

Care Tips for Dogs in Winter

Caring for your dog is something that requires plenty of attention all year round. However, the cold and dark days throughout winter mean there are new caring tips for you to follow to keep them healthy and happy in the colder months- particularly if they are senior dogs! So, if you’re an owner of one of the 12 million pet dogs in the UK and are looking for tips to help your furry friend get through winter, we can help. Continue reading our guide below to find the best ways to keep them in tip-top condition through these cold winter months.

Winter grooming

dog grooming

The cold weather can easily impact your pooch if they don’t have enough fur to insulate them. Ensure their trims aren’t too drastic, so they can stay warm on winter walks. The cold ground can also lead to frostbite if their paws aren’t well-kept. Dry and clean paws are a must to prevent any irritation on frozen or snowy ground. Plus, don’t forget to regularly brush them to remove any knots and allow for greater air circulation.

Nutrition and Hydration

The cold weather means dogs in winter will burn more calories as they try to stay warm, so they may need a little extra food to get them through the day. Adjust their calorie intake accordingly and ensure they’re getting enough water to stay fully hydrated. Experts suggest your dog needs around 50ml per kg of body weight every 24 hours. Weigh your dog today and ensure they’re getting the fluids they need to stay comfortable this winter.

Indoor Shelter

cosy den

Humans love cosy indoor spaces during the cold, winter months and so does your dog. Ensure you provide them with a dedicated space for warmth and cosiness, so they can get their essential rest and stay toastie in your home. Additional blankets and heat pads can go a long way in achieving the ultimate den, so invest today to put a smile on their face. It is particularly important to keep senior dogs cosy and warm.

Outdoor clothing

On colder days, their dog coat will only do so much to keep them warm, so you’ll need to layer them up with clothing of their own. Dog jumpers, jackets and boots are great for staying warm and you can pick up adorable options to keep them looking cute on winter walks. Ensure you select the correct size to maximise the benefits of wearing outdoor clothing too.

Take them for health check-ups

winter health

The vets can be a place of stress for your pooch but they can perform health checks to ensure they’re free from disease or injury. If you’re worried about the cost of veterinary fees, consider your pet insurance policy to ensure it meets your requirements to give your pooch a healthy lifestyle. Once you’ve done that. Book them into your local vets and let them do some basic checks and they’ll be free to go!

Enjoy the cosy winter months and invest in plenty of cuddles! Happy winter!

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