How to Pick the Best Foods for Dogs

How to Pick the Best Foods for Dogs

Making nutritional decisions for your dog can be daunting. There are so many brands promising the best product with the most nutritional value, yet how can you trust them? Getting your dog’s food right is essential to their well-being and is a task pet owners take very seriously. Here is how to pick the best foods for dogs.

Your unique dog:

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What kind of pet you have is the best way to decide the type of food that they need. A working dog will need different food than an inactive dog. If your pet is particularly active or docile, this again changes the sort of sustenance they need. Other factors like their health, skin problems, if they are arthritic, how they digest certain ingredients, and their flavour preferences are all essential factors too. So, before you sit down to research the best product, have answers to the following questions.

  1. How big is your pet and what do they weigh?
  2. Do they have any special dietary requirements (grain-free for example)?
  3. Do they like wet food or dry food?
  4. Are they highly active?

Types of Pet Food

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There are lots of different types of pet food, and each type provides a different level of dietary value. make the decision to feed dry food, cold pressed, or raw. Whatever you go for, make sure you research the brand and its nutrients. A firm favourite amongst people with animals is natural based food that provides the necessary daily variety of flavour and nutritional content. The pet food company Applaws has a whole range of products for cats and dogs, that are all naturally sourced in lots of different flavours.

Base your decision of what type of food to feed on your personal circumstances. Consider your physical space (raw feeding needs freezer and fridge space), your budget, and how you can access you food choice. Also seek advice from fellow dog owners and your vet.

The Vitamin and Mineral Content

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A balanced diet is as important for dogs, as is it for humans. Therefore, any food choice needs to have the correct balance of vitamins alongside carbohydrates, protein, and good fats. Without all these things, there is a risk of obesity and other health problems like diabetes down the road. Dogs are primarily driven by smell, then texture so they will prioritise this in their eating enjoyment.

How to Tell if a Company Can be Trusted

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With so many companies to pick from, it becomes more important to sift the bad apples out and ensure a quality product purchase. Verify the list of ingredients on any food product to ensure the sugar content does not outweigh everything else. Read through reviews from previous customers and check their general ratings as this will paint a big picture view of what to expect. Try to find the company’s origin story or About Us page to see what its mission is and how ethical its practices are. A dog food comparison site is a really useful tool.

Finding the best foods for dogs:

Pets are a part of our family, and they need to be treated as such. What you serve them as a daily meal is the only option they have, so make sure it has everything they need. This will ensure that you have a happy and healthy companion.

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