Injured? Ways to Look After Your Dog Following an Injury

Injured? Ways to Look After Your Dog Following an Injury

If you’ve suffered an injury, you might need to rely on some extra help to look after your dog. Not everybody has local family or friends to step in at these times but it is still possible to be independent and take care of your dog while recovering from an injury. Studies show that owning a dog reduces stress and anxiety and can help to alleviate depressive mood. This is especially important in encouraging healing and recovery following an injury. Here are some ways that you can get some assistance in caring for your dog following an injury.

Hire a Dogwalker:

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Dogwalkers are a fantastic resource to help you, especially if you’re bed-bound, or particularly unsteady on your feet. Finding someone that can help with the day to day exercise your dog needs can take the pressure off if you can’t do it yourself. Take time to find a really good dog walker who you and your dog trust. You may also find help through services like Borrow My Doggy.

Group dog walks are a great way to socialise your dog, especially if they’re young. Spending time with other dogs is a great way to reduce any social anxiety for your furry friend and has the added benefit of keeping them a healthy weight and well-exercised.

Additionally, many dog walking services also offer home sitting, boarding or kennel services, so if you need overnight care or have to have an extended stay in hospital, it is helpful that your dog will be with someone who knows them and any needs they have. This will make your feel more relaxed and able to focus on your recuperation. Importantly, your dog will feel more at ease and less anxious without you.

Grab some gadgets!

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You can buy gadgets to help you out with basic tasks that you might have difficulty completing while injured. For example, you can purchase automatic dog feeders from local pet shops or companies like Pets at Home if you have trouble bending to place food into your dog’s bowl. These can be filled up with extra dog food to have the right amount dispensed at mealtimes.

You can also buy technology like ball launchers for your garden, so that your dog can be easily entertained, and provided with ample opportunity for exercise. This will help to deter them from destructive behaviour like chewing or tearing furniture, and you can concentrate on resting and recovering. Giving your dog mental stimulation will help them stay motivated whilst waiting for the walker too.

If you live in a house with stairs and you have mobility issues longer term, you may want to invest in a stairlift that will allow you to still have the independence you want . If you have an injury so longer term don’t need a stair lift, there are companies like who can help you to remove it with great ease, making sure that you retain the independence you need to go about your daily business.

Contact a Charity:

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There are many charities that can help you look after your pet following an injury, particularly if you are elderly. Charities like The Cinnamon Trust are excellent. They offer services like pet fostering and cleaning that can lift the weight of pet care responsibilities. This means that hospital trips or doctors’ appointments can be easily arranged and executed without worrying about your dog’s needs. Reach out and ask for help.

Do you have any tips for how to look after your dog while ill, injured or recovering? Please let us know in the comments below.

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