The Wall of Whippet Shame- Great Pictures of Cheeky Dogs!

The Wall of Whippet Shame- Great Pictures of Cheeky Dogs!

Our dogs make us laugh each and every day- hence the wall of whippet shame. Here are a few of our favourite moments:


When a puppy is running so fast that he doesn’t see the river approaching. We now know that he can swim- every cloud and all that! Poor little guy.

wall of whippet shame


When a whippet thinks that he is a retriever. Say cheese! 


The dreaded fox poo! It seemed like a good idea at the time didn’t it? Straight to the shower.


When you know that your younger brother shouldn’t be on the sofa…..

The Police

“Oi you!” One of those days. It’s too cold to be outside so you keep an eye on your mates in comfort. 

Hide and Seek: 

When your hiding places are a bit dodgy. No one will ever find me in here……

or here….  

The Worst of Days:

The forced merriment of climbing Mount Snowdon. 

The Whippet Wall of Shame:

Brought to you by our beautiful and hilarious furry friends. What is on your wall of shame?

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