Sustainable Bedding- The Fine Bedding Company

Sustainable Bedding- The Fine Bedding Company

Buying a new bed need not cost the earth in all respects if you find a sustainable bedding company like The Fine Bedding Company. I was recently shopping for new bedding having had to replace my old trusty 11 year old bed. We went BIG but going for a bigger bed meant new bedding and it was important to me to reduce the environmental impact of my decision to make these purchases. I was very happy to find this fourth generation UK based company, who have their own eco certified factory.

The Fine Bedding Company ethos:

The Fine Bedding Company

The family owned company started its life in 1912 with the wish of simply making their customers have a better nights sleep. Sustainable products are used to make their innovative bedding at their state of the art manufacturing facility in Estonia. Innovation such as the first truly home washable duvet, fitting in a domestic washing machine! They were also the first in the UK to receive the Downpass seal, which means that;

  • Quality is guaranteed
  • products are tested to meet their claims
  • products are responsibly and ethically sourced
  • no live plucking is used and animal welfare standards are met
  • they use by-products of the food industry, much like leather and wool
  • materials used are fully traceable.

The sustainable bedding:


I chose to try out the Breathe bedding collection. The Breathe duvet blends Smartfil® technology with a special ingredient called Modal. Modal is derived from natural wood pulp and is exceptionally breathable, helping to wick moisture away from the body and allowing a temperature-controlled comfortable sleep. The Fine Bedding Company also offer many other great products. The vegan down duvet uses recycled plastic bottles to create the same feeling as a traditional down feel. A pair of Breathe pillows completed my order.

So, how did we sleep?

sustainable bedding

In short very well indeed! When I got the bedding out of its good looking packaging it felt really luxurious and soft. I couldn’t wait to get it on my bed! The pillows are super comfy and, as a stiff neck and shoulder sufferer I found that these gave just the right amount of support. Really soft and cosy, the duvet didn’t feel too stuffy or warm overnight but gave the weight needed for a calm and content deep sleep. The ability to change tog to suit the season is also a huge bonus.

Fine bedding?

All in all, we were really impressed with this bedding and it is very fine bedding indeed from a forward thinking, ethical company.

The Fine Bedding Company invited us to review their products and we have been happy to recommend them based on their quality product and company philosophy. As always, all opinions are our own.

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