Why Spending Time With Your Pets Is So Important

Why Spending Time With Your Pets Is So Important

Us pet owners often think that it’s us who take care of our pets when in reality, it’s them who take care of us. This is why we need to spend more time with our furry friends whenever we can. 

There are only two types of people. Those who have pets and those who don’t. Sometimes, people without pets usually want them but can’t have them for some reason. So yes, people who have pets at home are the lucky ones. However, even these people sometimes forget about how lucky they are and don’t spend enough time with their furry friends. 

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Our pets love us unconditionally and can’t wait to spend every minute with us (we are talking about dogs here, of course). In truth, spending more time with our pets is as important to us as it is to them. You think you just have a pet when in reality, you have a best friend, therapist, physician, and your forever teacher at home. Let’s see how our pets can combine so many roles at once. These are the five very reasons we definitely should spend much more time with our pets daily.

Pets reduce the sense of loneliness:

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Pets can provide us with our basic need to touch and connect with a living being. Just by hugging your dog or working while your cat is sleeping on your lap, you feel the connection and affection of another creature. Their presence fulfils us, giving us enough not to feel lonely. In its turn, by reducing the sense of loneliness, we make ourselves less vulnerable to depression. To learn more about it, you can even order essay online about the mental health benefits of having pets. You will be amazed by the discoveries!

We feel less anxious around them:

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These days, more than half of the adult population is suffering from stress and anxiety every day. Apparently, the current pace of life is too much for our nervous system and coping mechanisms. However, all of that stress doesn’t exist for brief moments that we spend with our pets. Around them, we feel secure, in control, and calm. They give us the safe space we all need so much. 

It is a well-known fact that having a pet can do wonders for your blood pressure, decrease any symptoms of depression, and reduce any risks of heart diseases. So yes, next time you start going crazy about your work deadline or some college paper you can’t write yourself, just pause. Take a deep breath, ask a colleague to help you, or find good paper writing help online, and spend a few extra hours with your pet instead of stressing out about things that can be easily fixed. 

Dogs encourage us to exercise:

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How can we skip this crucial bonus of having a dog? You have to walk with them every day. You don’t need to turn to a nursing paper writing service to learn how beneficial, such long walks can be for your physical and emotional state. If they want to run, it means that we have to run. If they want to hike – we hike. They stay healthy – we stay healthy. This is the way it goes. Also, depending on the breed you have, you may even need to spend weekends going on long hikes. Many large breeds need a lot of space to kill some excessive energy. It means you get to spend more time in nature, which is nice too.

If you are a regular at a dog park, you also have no other choice but to socialize. It is true that other dog owners come up to you for a chat all the time. Dog training classes and walking clubs also offer the opportunity for meeting new friends.

We tend to take care of ourselves more when pets are around:

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As pet owners, we tend to spend a lot of time taking care of them. We make regular vet appointments. We research good diets for them. We keep them healthy and well. Such behaviour also teaches us to take better care of ourselves. After all, it seems a little bit silly when you give your dog only the best natural food and then prepare some junk food for yourself. You learn to understand the importance of healthy habits. Thus, you start to adopt those habits in your life as well as in theirs. A recent survey on loneliness and pet ownership statistics found that 79% of UK dog owners live more active lifestyles because of their pets.

Pets teach us empathy:


Many adults can get so caught up in the “grown-up” problems in everyday life that they forget all the lessons about kindness and empathy they have been taught in childhood. Well, that is why we need animals in our lives. Sharing a home with a pet means learning to be patient, caring, and loving. Even on the days when your pet is not showing its best behaviour, we learn to cope with it in an empathetic way.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about ways in which our pets offer us many live skills, lessons and benefits. Let us know how your pets enrich your life in the comments below.

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