Alloy Wheels – Do I need them?

Alloy Wheels – Do I need them?

Alloy wheels are quickly gaining in popularity and have been doing so since they made their first appearance in public. This was on the race course, and while their flashy good looks are what made alloys so popular in the public domain, further benefits can be found elsewhere. Let us take a look at why you need alloy wheels on your vehicle.

They are light & safe:


Alloy wheels are very light and this confers a huge advantage onto your car. They improve the handling and responsiveness of your vehicle in a rather impressive way making it safer for the drivers. The weight of your wheels is unsprung, meaning that it is not supported and spread out by the suspension system – the heavier your wheels, the more sluggish and unresponsive your vehicle can seem.

Obviously, the opposite is equally true, with every pound removed from the wheels conferring an exponential advantage to your steering. A must-have advantage! Additionally alloys give an extra layer of protection to your tyres and help in reducing the wear and tear which in turn helps increase the longevity of your tyres.

Rust-Free & Eco-Friendly:

tyre safety

Alloy wheels are resistant to rust which makes them an ideal choice for eco-friendly drivers who want to consume less. They are a good choice for those who spend a lot of time around coastal areas or even who drive a lot in winter on salt-laden, gritted roads. Salt can cause rust, which makes steel wheels need replacing but alloy wheels are impervious to salt. Simply give them a quick wipe down or wash to be as good as new once again! They last you a long time and rid you of the need to add to the world’s waste, therefore, helping in preserving the excessive use of our limited resources.


alloy wheels

Why choose alloy wheels over steel? It is in the weight difference. Alloy wheels are more expensive than steel wheels at the till, but over the lifetime of the tyres, that extra expense is clawed back in savings as the wear and tear of the vehicle is reduced, the fuel consumption is dramatically lowered – sometimes by as much as ten or twenty percent – and everything on your vehicle just seems to last a little longer than you might otherwise expect.

They look good!

Finally, alloy wheels look fabulous! Magnesium and aluminium alloys be moulded and shaped into all sorts of intricate and delicate patterns. This looks wonderful both in motion and when stationary. They can be manufactured in a wide range of shades and finishes too.

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