Restaurants in Cambridgeshire-Brix and Mortar, Provenance Kitchen Review

Restaurants in Cambridgeshire-Brix and Mortar, Provenance Kitchen Review

The school holidays- the perfect excuse to visit one of the fabulous restaurants in Cambridgeshire and for a long overdue visit to Provenance Kitchen’s restaurant. Having (on many occasions) enjoyed the food from the silver Airstream, I was excited to see how this transferred into a restaurant setting.

The venue:

Provenance Kitchen

Enter through the deli area and into the main restaurant. Here you can enjoy the open plan kitchen with its wood fired hearth. Do make sure that you look at the amazing gardens too. We chose to eat here as it was such a glorious day and those hammocks were calling!

eating in Cambridge

You’ll find this stylish place tucked away just off the M11 near Duxford. When inside, wherever you choose to eat, you’ll find that you have plenty of space- the layout and ‘areas’ of the restaurant really add to a feeling of relaxation and timelessness.

The food:

Provenance Kitchen offer a brunch, lunch and evening service. We opt for a lunch visit having drooled over the menus online. There are a range of dishes available- each one of which I would have happily eaten.  

restaurants in Cambridgeshire

My choice was the grilled aubergine served with mixed leaves (from the the fabulous Flourish produce). Served with pickled pink onions, yoghurt and harissa, all on a fresh and fluffy flatbread. Each element was so tasty and necessary to the overall flavour of this dish. A great choice.

Provenance Kitchen review

The next dish was a fried cod sandwich which was served with lemon mayo, green chilli and pickles in a brioche bun. Delicious.

Provenance Kitchen

Turkish eggs completed our order. My friend, a regular to the restaurant, enjoyed the rich sauce, poached eggs, and sourdough toast. Served with plenty of yoghurt and harissa, this was a satisfying dish.


As a trio of (greedy) food lovers, we had to get some sides of course. We ordered the garlic and parsley fries. We also added some of the roasted new potatoes with their acclaimed green sauce. Both were superb but we all completely fell in love with the fries!

homemade lemonade at Provenance Kitchen

Occasions and Functions:

As we relaxed, sipping homemade pink lemonade (which is fabulous by the way!), we noticed planes overhead and realised that Provenance Kitchen would be the perfect venue to view the Duxford air shows in real comfort and luxury. This stylish venue is also available for private functions, either at Brix and Mortar, or out and about through booking the Airsteam or horsebox.

fresh mint tea

The Cafe:

For dessert, on the advice of ‘the regular’, we moved into the café area so that we could lounge in the cosy chairs. We ordered desserts to share, coffee and fresh mint teas- all of which were great quality. The tea arrived in beautiful, enormous mugs.

Restaurants in Cambridgeshire

Chocolate truffle cake and condensed milk ice-cream was a rich and decadent ending to our meal here. Two of us had to dash off but left the third (a busy mum of three) blissfully enjoying her tea and cake. She loved browsing the restaurant’s collection of recipe books- the ultimate me time.

Restaurants in Cambridgeshire:

One of the best independent restaurants in Cambridgeshire. Great food, service and surroundings by owners Kate and Greg, who couldn’t do more to make our visit a real pleasure. To sum up my Provenance Kitchen review- a local gem.

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