Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen Review- fish restaurants in Cornwall

Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen Review- fish restaurants in Cornwall
Outlaw's Fish Kitchen

There is so much to see and do in Cornwall. The beautiful Cornish beaches are breath-taking. A must see is the beautiful fishing village of Port Issac. Here, over looking the harbour, you will find the wonderful Michelin Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen by Nathan Outlaw. For fish restaurants in Cornwall this is one not to miss.

Fish Kitchen

We are given a short menu of small plates , all based around locally caught fish. These delicious, fresh dishes are individually priced and can be ordered whenever you wish through your dining experience. So if you spot something you like the look of coming out of the kitchen then just add it to your order!

The small plates:

Fish restaurants in Cornwall
Crab on sourdough with apple and celeriac

We start ordering, first selecting one of the specials. A generous  mound of white crab meat, served on sourdough toast, with a crisp apple and celeriac slaw. It is hard to describe just how fresh, cool, and luxurious this crab tasted- exquisite. 

Fish Kitchen Nathan Outlaw
Gurnard with mushroom and hazelnut.

Marinated gurnard with mushrooms and hazelnut arrived next. Lip-smackingly moreish this one. That deep, mushroom puree- yum! 

Fish Kitchen
Ginger cured mackerel, beetroot and basil yogurt.

Ginger cured mackerel with beetroot and basil yoghurt offered a refreshing follow up. 

Fish Kitchen
Tandoori monkfish, cauliflower pickle and coriander yogurt.

Our final savoury dish was a generous portion of tandoori monkfish with a cauliflower pickle and coriander yogurt. Warming and flavoursome. 


baked alaska
Baked alaska

Just enough space for a dessert to share- a chocolate, peanut, espresso and lime baked Alaska. 

Port Issac

Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Cornwall:

I think that the thing we loved most about The Fish Kitchen was the clever balance of flavours- the fish was always the star of the show. The dishes were all super tasty, fresh and satisfying, without being rich or heavy.  Nathan Outlaw’s restaurants really do take fish dishes to another level. When in Cornwall visit.

We were lucky enough to also visit Restaurant Nathan Outlaw during our trip.

Fish Kitchen features in our 5 favourite small plates restaurants here.

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