The Red Lion Soham Review

The Red Lion Soham Review
The Red Lion Soham appeared in the Guardian a few months ago so it was always going to result in a visit to check it out. Grace Dent has long been a favourite reviewer of ours and she gave a glowing review of lunch at one of our local Cambridge pubs.

The Welcome:

A friendly and enthusiastic welcome awaited us on entering this quintessential English village pub on a Saturday lunchtime. A roaring fire was also part of the welcome and made this a very cosy venue indeed.
Open fire, Red Lion Soham, Cambridgeshire pub

Set Lunch:

The set lunch is an absolute bargain at £16 for two and £21 for three courses. They also have an Al La Carte menu which we will definitely investigate on our next visit.
Red Lion Soham, Cambridgeshire pubs

The Mains:

The fish pie was packed with fresh tasty pieces of sea trout and hake. The sauce was luxurious and flavoured lightly with dill. The topping had just the right amount of mash. This came with a side of creamed leaks and greens.
Fish Pie, The Red Lion Soham
Another main of Gruyere mac ‘n’ cheese with green salad was greedily devoured and contained that delicious hint of rich truffle oil which made it even more comforting.
Mac n cheese, The Red Lion, Soham, pubs, Cambridgeshire


Homely and strong desserts were tasty. A dense (in a good way) hunk of bread and butter pudding was a cracking way to end a Saturday lunch. As was a fine slice of chocolate and almond torte with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate and almond torte, The Red Lion, Soham

The Red Lion Soham:

We really enjoyed our lunch at the Red Lion Soham. This pub deserves to do well and I really hope the locals buy into what the place’s ethos and make it a roaring success. We will surely be back soon. But don’t take my word for it- check out the expert opinion of Grace Dent.
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