How To Help Your Cat Adjust To A New Cat Litter

How To Help Your Cat Adjust To A New Cat Litter

Us dog lovers often own feline companions too and they are a discerning crowd! We love spending time with our pets and want them to be happy and feel secure. Which is why, we all know how delicate the cat litter tray situation can be.

Picking the right litter takes more thought than you would think. There are so many options out there and our feline companions can be particular where this is concerned. Cats are all unique, so there’s no one litter that works best for every cat. We need to find the type and brand that’s right for our puss. And then we need to consider the change. This guide will help the transition from old to new cat litter be a success

Out with the old and in with the new.. slowly

spend time with your pets

Gradually adding the new littler to the old is a safe method because it gives your cat time to adjust without being overwhelmed. In most cases, your cat won’t even notice a change is taking place. To make a gradual transition from one brand of cat litter to another, mix a small amount of the new litter in with your current brand every day for several days. If your cat has had a negative experience with change in the past, you may want to stretch out the changeover over a full week.

When you switch from a traditional non-clumping clay litter to a scoopable one, bear in mind that the clumping effect will not be noticeable until there is very little of the former kind of litter left in the box.

Litter Box Buffet

If you know your cat doesn’t like the current brand of litter you’ve been using, or if you’re unsure what type of litter they would prefer, place an additional box filled with a different kind of litter next to their usual box. Monitor them as they use both boxes, and see which one they prefer. You can do this with multiple additional boxes if you’re undecided between a few types of litter. Let your cat decide! Once your cat has got used to using the new litter box, you can remove the other boxes have a happy puss!

Making the change

If you want to introduce your cat to a new litter, it is important to do it carefully. Your cat will become confused and frustrated if they are suddenly thrust into a situation unexpectedly. They expect a certain texture under their paws and a new cat litter will feel and smell different. They are sensitive souls who like familiarity so instead, use one of the above methods to help them adjust more easily.

Our pets give us so much love and even mental health benefits. Therefore ,we should return the love. Please share your strategies and success with us in the comments below.

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