7 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Birmingham

7 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Birmingham

A wedding dress, shoes, gloves, a veil, and jewellery — it is much easier for a bride to choose all the attributes than to find a professional photographer whose price and the quality of the pictures will match. In the 21st century, the century of unlimited possibilities, you can find anything and anyone, and most importantly, without much of a hassle. This article will help you not to miss any detail and find a responsible wedding photographer in Birmingham who will capture the most important day of your life.

Looking Through Portfolio

Why not take a look at examples of photographer’s work? Any self-respecting professional makes a portfolio so that later they can show it to future clients. Explore the portfolios of wedding photographers to feel their style and understand their vision of beauty. It will give a lot, and you will immediately comprehend whether you like their approach and style or not. After all, we all have different tastes, and, maybe, you will not like photos that the photographer is proud of. All this is important because what you see in their portfolio will be a reflection of your wedding.

Quality of Photos

If you like the style of photoshoots, then pay attention to the quality. No matter how talented your photographer is, it is nothing without a good camera. You don’t need fuzzy photos looking like they were made with a smartphone. It is also significant to pay attention to the quality of processing wedding photos – removing imperfections, making artistic adjustments.


Ask about the photographer’s experience. If they have a wealth of it, then it is likely that they are more stress-resistant than any younger or inexperienced photographers. For a mini-test, ask them what he will do if it rains. A professional will immediately answer this question for you.

Also, a wedding photographer should be, to some extent, a physiognomist, able to determine true emotions by the facial expressions and body movements of their models. After all, even carefully hidden emotions are reflected in the wedding photos that the newlyweds will receive after the wedding.

It often happens that newlyweds at their own wedding get a little nervous and worried. Or simply the “camera phobia” turns on, and people cannot relax and show their sincere feelings if someone else is looking at them.

The task of the photographer is to feel the mood of the newlyweds and try to set them in the right way. After all, the camera conveys the slightest content of each gesture. And wedding photographs should radiate happiness and harmony in relationships.

Approach to work

A creative wedding photographer will immediately offer you various ideas and settings for your question about how best to conduct a photoshoot. If you want to order a non-standard wedding photo session, choose a photographer with creative ideas. It is worth relying on the experience of friends, acquaintances, as well as on reviews on the Internet. There are a lot of options for a creative photoshoot. Your photographer will definitely give you a lot of unusual ideas. You can be inspired by their previous works in their portfolio.


A good photographer is unlikely to charge below-average prices. It is strongly advised not to save here, because the wedding photoshoot is something that will remain in memory, and here you can’t “buy twice” — you can not replay the wedding. So “buy nice” is the only option. Professional photographers also provide wedding photo retouching services so you won’t need to worry about how to enhance your pictures afterwards.


Large communities of people from the Middle East, China, and Eastern Europe are living in Birmingham. So, it is nice when the photographer knows a few languages. Thorough communication before the big days is a must, so seek you wedding photographer in Birmingham carefully.


It is not recommended to just call the photographer to agree on payment and date, and meet only at the event itself – you also need to encounter them in person or, at least, by video chat. Why is it important to meet in person? To feel comfortable on the wedding day, the couple needs a person they know and trust.

Communicating with the photographer, you need to build bridges – to understand each other perfectly. They must feel your mood. When communication is fun, it doesn’t feel like you are in the scope of a sniper during every photo shoot. If during informal communication you realize that this is your photographer, then do not hesitate and agree on terms and payment.

Why find the perfect wedding photographer in Birmingham?

Taking into account all these nuances of choosing a wedding photographer will help you get a better final result. And what is especially nice, on the wedding day, you will not need to spend precious time on organizational issues – you can completely trust your photographer and just go with the flow of happiness and love. Then on to choosing your gifts!

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