Can a Dog Spend Time Outside in a Kennel: Are Dogs Safe?

Can a Dog Spend Time Outside in a Kennel: Are Dogs Safe?

Nearly every type of dog owner puts the welfare of their pet above all else – that much is normal. Us owners love getting quality pet supplies to keep our dogs healthy and happy. However, one of the most hotly debated things among dog owners in general is whether or not they can put their dogs outside in a kennel for periods of time. With the rise in dog theft many of us are wary. Understanding the different rules, as well as your legal responsibility to your dog’s well-being, is important for making the right decisions with a dog. Can your dog spend time in a kennel outside? Let’s find out.

Are Dogs Safe in an Outside Kennel?

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Technically speaking, a dog can be safe and happy in an outdoor kennel. However, it’s not as straightforward as that. There are a number of different criteria that need to be met for a dog to be safe. First of all, the outdoor kennel needs to be suitable for the purpose – be secure, having a sturdy design, protection from the elements, and offering a comfortable space to sleep are all important for your pet.

The breed of the dog plays a role in this as well. A large dog, like a husky or German shepherd, is better equipped to deal with life outside; they are closer to and have evolved from animals that are used to sleeping outdoors. These hardier dog breeds can handle the experience better than smaller ones. Working dogs are also more suited.

Laws About Leaving a Dog Outside

When it comes to leaving your dog outside, the general consensus is that some breeds cope with these conditions, and the law recognises some animals can live outside all year round. However, it’s all about the welfare of the dog in question. If the dog isn’t in a safe environment and is at risk of harm from sleeping outside, this is considered to be a violation of the law.

Signs a Dog is Doing Well in an Outdoor Kennel

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If your dog is doing well in an outdoor kennel the way they behave and their manner will show this. Some signs of a happy dog include the following:

  • A wagging tail is a good indicator and is an easy way to tell, so keep an eye on this.
  • If your dog is willing to jump up and around, engage with you on walks and play around, these signs suggest they’re happy with their conditions.
  • If your dog playfully tilts their head around and has a very relaxed demeanour, then they’re in a good place.
  • If your dog is happy, then its ears will be in the natural, default position.

Signs That Things Aren’t Going Well in an Outdoor Kennel

If your dog is not happy, here are the signs that dogs aren’t doing so well in the outdoor kennel. These include the following:

  • If your dog is barking a lot, this is their way of telling you that something isn’t quite right and they don’t feel comfortable.
  • A whining dog is not a happy dog, and this is often seen in conjunction with a lack of appetite, reluctance to play and interact, and cowering in a corner.
  • Your dog might become a little bit aggressive if they’re under a lot of stress because they’re outdoors, which may result in growing and showing their teeth.
  • Finally, your dog may demonstrate a destructive streak, chewing on things or attempting to break through the kennel to escape. Keep an eye on this.

Safety Tips for Dogs Living in Outdoor Kennels

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If you want to keep a dog safe while they use their outdoor kennel, there are a few safety ideas to consider:

  • Make sure your dog is brought back inside the house for harsh weather conditions, especially if they’re young or sick. You don’t want them to get worse, and trying to be calm and comfortable in a storm is trial by fire.
  • You should try not to chain or restrict your dog outside. This can make them feel trapped and isn’t a good association to tie to the outdoor kennel.
  • Ensure they have easy access to food and water, and keep this covered from the weather.
  • Make sure that your dog has plenty of socialisation and company and is not lonely- they should not be ‘out of sight, out of mind’..

Training Dogs to Spend Time in Outdoor Kennels

Training your dog to be in their outdoor kennel is easy enough. It is important to acknowledge that when it comes to any dog, there are two main ideas to work with. First of all, it can take time to get time used to the idea, so make sure that you take it slowly and allow them the capacity to do what they need to do to adjust. Second of all, use things like toys, treats and comfortable beds to make an outdoor kennel a safe place. Try to make it as appealing as possible; it makes a big difference.

Buy the Best Outdoor Kennel For Your Dog

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There are plenty of amazing outdoor kennels for your dog, so there are lots of lovely products for them if they need to stay outside. For example, there is this great complete dog kennel that is big and luxurious. It’s so important to pick something with the right dimensions that offer them a lot of space, hence why this complete dog kennel with a run is important.


If you use an outdoor kennel o or not is really down to personal preference and circumstances. If your dog is suited to such life they may enjoy the safety of an enclosed, quiet space of their own. Other dogs not so. Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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