Fish and Chips in St. Ives- Eric’s Review

Fish and Chips in St. Ives- Eric’s Review

The opening of Eric’s is excellent news for lovers of fish and chips in St Ives. It has become a tradition of ours to follow up a long beach walk in Norfolk with a trip to Eric’s at Thornham for their delicious fish and chips, so imagine how excitied we were to hear that St. Ives, Cambridgeshire (our home town) was to get its very own Eric’s!

The Space:

fish and chips in St Ives

Our first visit was on opening day and we enjoyed it just as much as we do by the seaside. Eric’s St Ives is a well designed restaurant and takeaway, which is family friendly. The decor is bright, fresh and modern.The outside tables offer a dog friendly option too.

The Food:

fish and chips in St Ives

Fish (cod on this visit), chips and mushy peas- the mushy peas are homemade of course. Mel opts for her meal fried in rapeseed oil rather than the standard beef dripping. We agree to disagree on which version of cooking oil is superior here. Gluten free options are also available.

sauces at Erics

As always, the fish is excellent. A chunky fillet, the freshness of which is evident in the way it flakes and tastes. The beer batter is light but crispy in all the right places, as are the chips. Eric’s offer their own range of sauces too which includes squid ink mayo- yum!

Quality Fish and Chips in St Ives:

vegetarian option at Erics

This is not your standard chippy. Eric’s is a premium fish and chip shop in terms of produce, service and menu choice. As a finalist in the National Fish and Chip Awards last year, the business was recognised for excellence in sustainability, innovation, customer service, and more. The food really is worth every penny.

Not your average menu:

sausage at chips at Erics

We need to spread our wings and investigate the full menu over the next few months which includes Japanese style fish burgers, halloumi and spinach arancini, and black pudding fritters. I really want to try the battered sausage too which is a proper meaty Dingley Dell sausage- again not your average chippy.

Drinks and Dessert:

Eric’s serves a good selection of beers, wines and soft drinks to accompany your meal.

gelato at Erics

If you have room, Eric’s offer a fun dessert menu- battered Double Decker anyone ? A good selection of gelato is also on offer and is worth saving some space for.

Why not go and treat yourself to some of the very best fish and chips around? The only problem with this local gem is resisting a now very accessible temptation!

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11 thoughts on “Fish and Chips in St. Ives- Eric’s Review”

  • Nice write up
    I consider myself a fish and chip connoisseur and Eric’s is a top 2 for of my best in Britain
    The fact I don’t have to travel 100 miles to my favourite is a bonus

    As for beef dripping it’s what makes all the difference!
    So glad they have arrived and after 6 visits already I could still eat them everyday!

    • Thanks for reading and for your comments. So glad you are enjoying Erics. I am wondering what the other top chippy is in your top two?

  • It’s called Marishells in a place called Ecclesfield in Sheffield. I used to go 4 times a week as a school kid!

    Everytime I went back home I would visit but I believe that it’s changed hands after 35 years but they were just beautiful fish and chips

    Aldeburgh, comes a respectable third down in the Suffolk coast but the strange thing is we had great fish and chips in Tokyo! and in Vancouver in Canada but having Eric’s on the door step is just brilliant!

    • You really do know your fish and chips! What are you thoughts on No1 in Cromer? We haven’t tried it but meant to be good.

      • They are good and the view and location are wonderful but they don’t let you have scraps in the restaurant but Aldeburgh do!

        So I would still go there but knock a point off for that lol!

  • This place sounds great I really like that they have a wider variety in their menu. I will have to try it out next time we are down that way.

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