The Best Ways to Dog Proof Your Kitchen

The Best Ways to Dog Proof Your Kitchen

Having a dog is an absolute joy (at least, most of the time). However, when dogs are young, you must be patient and careful with them, as they will want to scratch and chew things that are precious to you and dangerous to them. And because they are your best friends you will do anything to keep them healthy and happy. 

Although you must make some changes in your house, nothing will beat your dog’s excitement when you return home. If you have a dog, you surely want to allow them to move freely through your house. Still, some areas, particularly the kitchen, can be quite dangerous for your little furries, so you need to look for ways to dog-proof your cooking space. Here are the best ways to dog-proof your kitchen.

Keep food out of reach

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The kitchen is the place where you store, prepare and consume food. This is why you must pay attention and store the food away from your pets. Dogs are curious creatures, so the best way to stop their wandering paws is to remove the temptation. You shouldn’t leave food on the worktops, and ensure the drawers and cupboard doors are always closed. However, if you have a crafty canine who can open the drawers even if they are closed, then it might be better to choose some handleless or high up kitchen units so they will not have access. 

Also, be aware of the food that puts your dog’s health in danger. For example, chocolate is notoriously known as being toxic for dogs, so make sure you stash your sweets somewhere safe, far away from the reach of the curious tongs and paws. Also, you need to store safely the following ingredients:

  • Onion, garlic, chives, and any other cooked and raw product from the onion family because they are harmful to dogs.
  • Avocado – it may be great on toast for you, but keep out of reach for pets.
  • Grapes and raisins can cause severe kidney and liver damage to dogs.
  • The sweetener xylitol – ensure your dog doesn’t eat this artificial ingredient found in sweets, chewing gum, or some kinds of peanut butter.
  • Alcohol, which goes without saying (at least we hope so!)

Use kitchen cabinet locks

The easiest solution to keep dogs away from the products in your kitchen is to secure your cabinets. Your drawers probably contain many ingredients your dogs shouldn’t eat, like spices and medications. So, to avoid possible scenarios that could have serious consequences, you need to use pet-proof locks. 

The good news about these locks is that they will not limit your storage options, and you can still pick any kitchen unit that fits your preferences and style. These locks offer peace of mind, and your dog can still be near you while you prepare your dinner. 

Choose finishes and materials wisely

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If you have a dog, you need to be careful with your interiors. The colours are also important, as even if you have pets wandering around, you still want to achieve a well-designed and sleek kitchen. This is why it will be better to choose darker shades, like raven black, navy, charcoal, and forest green, to help you disguise blemishes and scuffs while still achieving a sophisticated look. 

You also need to keep in mind flooring. We agree that white tiles look fresh and clean, but they will also show every bit of fur and muddy print. Instead, darker tiles might be a better option, as you will get away with less frequent mopping. You can get a mat if you have an elderly dog and a sleek, slippery floor to create the best environment for your four-legged buddy. 

Also, it might be good to consider water-resistant paint on the walls, as it will be beneficial. If you have a dog, you probably know they love to shake everywhere after they come home from a rainy walk, so a wipe-clean wall will be worth their weight in gold! 

Keep it busy

When you are moving hot pans around, you surely don’t want to trip over a paw or spill onto your beloved dog. Instead, you can offer them plenty of toys to keep them occupied. Kong toys or sniffy games are great for dogs, so you can give them while cooking to make them focus elsewhere. This way, you can prepare your meal, and your dog will be happy playing around. A win-win solution, isn’t it?

Get a dog feeding station

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If your dog wants to come into the kitchen, it is probably because they like spending time with you. Or they are looking for food. If your dog sees you preparing food, they will sit next to your feet and show their good manners to be rewarded with a treat. But that often leads to dogs getting intoxicated or getting extra pounds, which can lead to problems with obesity. 

The best solution will be to get a dog feeding station so that your four-legged buddy will know there is only one location where they will get food in the kitchen. 

Consider pet gates

Gates can’t just be used for restricting your pet’s movement but also for teaching them boundaries. And especially in the kitchen, your dog needs to understand some rules and where they are allowed or not to go. For example, if you are fine with them being in the kitchen but don’t wish to have them around your feet to prevent potential risks, you can use a pet gate to separate the areas. 

You have different types of pet gates from which you can choose. If you want to keep your dog away from a particular region all the time, you can use a permanent gate. Otherwise, portable or freestanding ones will be great options. 

A perfect dog proof kitchen

Dogs are wonderful companions, and you would probably do anything to make them happy. So, if you want your dog to be free everywhere in the house, there are ways to keep danger away from one of the riskiest areas: the kitchen. 

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