Hackney Restaurants-Cornerstone Review

Hackney Restaurants-Cornerstone Review
Hackney restaurants

If you are looking for one of the best Hackney restaurants head to Cornerstone. Named after an Arctic Monkeys song, Tom Brown’s Cornerstone in Hackney Wick, offers fabulous small plates/ tapas style food. On our recent visit to London we headed into the city afterwards to make a day of it.

This large airy space, situated down a quiet side street is home to Brown’s skilful, produce driven, inspired cooking. The open kitchen allows you to view Tom and his team at work which we (nosily) love. This is a good looking restaurant with good looking food. Other Instagrammable London restaurants here.

The menu is short but precise, showcasing fish cookery and the very best of seasonal produce from around the U.K.


Cornerstone in Hackney Wick
Sourdough Toast, Cod’s Roe, Netherend Farm Butter & Home Cured Salmon Pastrami

We kick off with a couple of tasty snacks. Delightful toasted sourdough comes with butter and a flavour packed whipped cod’s roe to pile on top. A strong start and a clear indication of the quality to come.

Cold plates:

Hackney restaurants- cornerstone
Cured Gurnard, Grapes, ALmonds, Sherry Vinegar & Mackerel Pate, Cider, Sea Purslane, Treacle Bread.

The cured gurnard dish is simply brilliant. Every element is sublime, from the crispy almonds, to the fresh grapes, then finally the expertly cured fish. The work of an outstanding chef at the very top of his game. The pate is smooth and full of mackerel flavour and the fresh pieces of mackerel sat on top are a great addition. Spread a little (or a lot) onto the treacle bread and enjoy!

Warm plates:

Cornerstone in Hackney Wick
Grey Mullet, Spiced Aubergine, Ginger, Tarragon.

The mullet is cooked perfectly and the silky aubergine puree is a superb accompaniment. The zing and freshness of the ginger brings it all together to create yet another wonderful plate of food.

Cornerstone in Hackney Wick
Crab Crumpet, Rarebit, Worcestershire Sauce.

And then there’s the crumpet. I loved this crumpet. Absolutely packed with crab flavour and cheesy richness. A brilliant dish that sounds so simple, but you know the moment that you take a bite you will always think about this beauty every time you try to have a normal crumpet. Trust me, this is quite simply magnificent and I haven’t stopped talking (or thinking) about it since.


Cornerstone in Hackney Wick
Banoffee Tart, Lime Ice cream.

Neither of us are banoffee fans usually, but if in the future all our experiences with banoffee are like this we certainly will be! The pastry on this little tart was short and delicious, toffee flavours balanced perfectly with the banana, and the fresh lime ice-cream cut through the richness.

Cornerstone in Hackney Wick
Dark Chocolate Torte, Coffee, Milk Ice Cream.

Chocolate desserts tend to be a favourite with me and this definitely was. Dark chocolate and soft coffee flavours mix together to create perfection. The light milk ice-cream adds freshness to this extremely well-balanced and delicious pudding. A great way to finish a wonderful meal.

Hackney restaurants- Cornerstone:

What a superb place to eat. I cant wait to go back and try some new dishes (and of course that crumpet, yes it is still on my mind) again in the future! A relaxed, beautifully decked-out restaurant, top food and wonderful staff.

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