Choosing the perfect puppy is not a task that you should jump into lightly. Just because the puppy that you saw on the advertisement is adorable does not mean that they would fit your home. There are many questions that you must answer before looking for a pup, and once the answers are set you must go through the steps of finding a reputable breeder that backs their puppies. WikiHow states that a good breeder is one that supports the new owner and offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to that breed.

What breed suits you?

choosing a puppy

First comes the journey towards deciding to get a dog and deciding whether you can offer a rescue dog a home. If you have opted to buy a puppy, start by discussing these few simple steps with your family. It may be hard to come up with the breed that you want so do some research. Follow the steps below, in the order given, to ensure that your money is not spent on a fur baby that does not fit your life. Getting a dog that doesn’t suit your family is extremely unfair to the puppy and upsetting for you so give it very careful thought.


  • Lifestyle-You need to understand that some dogs are meant for certain lifestyles, which should match yours. If you like to be outdoors you will want a dog that does not prefer to spend much of their time indoors.
  • If the pup will be around children, there are specific breeds that are more suitable to be around them.
  • Big or small? Short hair or long hair? Drooling or showering? You are the only one that knows what you want from your new family member.

Also decide;

  • How much you are at home. Puppies need lots of time to toilet train, play with, exercise, and socialise them.
  • Pets cost money. Not just up front either. Food. Bowls. Leash. Collar. Tags. Shots. Routine self-care. And do not forget about those vet visits that can creep up on you.
  • What do you expect from your fur baby. You need to have an idea of what you want and what you expect.

Finding a breeder:


Finding a breeder that is reputable takes some research. Maybe you do not even know what to look for? Use a trusted website for purebred puppies and find a breeder that is registered and has honest reviews from previous buyers. Once you find a breeder that looks promising, set up a time to visit with them. Meet the puppies that they have available and check that they, and importantly the mother, has been properly cared for.

Check the parents out when choosing puppy so you know what to expect as the pup grows up. Ask LOTS of questions. A good breeder will know the specific breed, and all the quirks that go with them. A caring breeder will be checking you out too to ensure a loving home for their pups. Go with your gut instinct and do not feel obligated to go with the first breeder that you talk to. Feel free to check around. You may have friends or family members who are able to recommend a good breeder.

Choosing a puppy:

puppy separation anxiety

Finding a fur baby to bring into your home is like bringing a new child into your home. It cannot be taken lightly and should never be rushed into. It is good to remember though, that buying a puppy means having a dog for life. If they are not what you expect them to be, even after you have taken the time to educate yourself, they are still part of your family. Seek support from the breeder, professionals and other owners. Your pup will be desperate to please you but needs to be taught how to live in your world.

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