Best Restaurants in Hertfordshire- Zebra Riding Club Review

Best Restaurants in Hertfordshire- Zebra Riding Club Review

We enjoyed our jaunt to Hertfordshire’s Crockers some months ago and just before the country locked down again we managed to fit in a visit to another of the best restaurants in Hertfordshire- The Zebra Riding Club. This new venture from acclaimed chefs Robin Gill and Ben Rand is based in the grounds of Birch so ideal if you wish to stay over after your meal.

Zebra Riding Club

The website gives a good insight into your dining experience, stating that ‘The Zebra Riding Club is a restaurant led by nature – using the growing farm, woods, and produce surrounding it throughout the year’. The set menu is based on what’s best at the time from the farm, surrounding farms, and a little further afield. Arrive with an open mind.


snacks at Zebra Riding Club

We start with a selection of snacks which are all delicious and offer a wide range of fresh flavours. The squash tartlet with a hint of Cashel blue cheese was the unanimous favourite.


best restaurants in Hertofrdshire

Next came a large hunk of fabulous porridge sourdough bread which is baked on site. A pot of outstandingly good whipped butter with a generous addition of miso was served alongside and ideal to dredge your bread through. Also with tasty house preserves.

The Coop:

best restaurants in Hertfordshire

The Coop is a small inviting bowl containing heritage grains, a rich and earthy mushroom dashi, and a suggestion of shellfish XO. Sitting proudly on top is a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg.

The main course:

Zebra Riding Club

The main course (AKA the feast) arrives next. Two generous slices of Swaledale venison leg meat are plated with purple sprouting broccoli. The accompanying Cannellini beans are cooked with a little garlic which adds a lovely flavour. We also get a bowl of slow cooked venison, topped with a punchy red cabbage pickle and a sizzling plater of bitter leaves and oven roasted beets. This is indeed a feast.


Zebra Riding Club

We opt for the additional cheese course. A fresh raw goats milk cheese which is served with local honey and crisp shards of flat bread.


Finally, a brilliant dessert. A fragrant and luxurious lemon-balm rice pudding served with a smooth, fresh fig leaf ice cream and an aged balsamic fig. Unusual, interesting and packed with flavour.

A very tasty little petit fours with coffee. A great end to a great meal.

Best restaurants in Hertfordshire:

We would definitely recommend a visit to the Zebra Riding Club. It has a relaxed, casual feel with all of the enjoyment of really well cooked, interesting food. We hope to return as soon as possible!

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4 thoughts on “Best Restaurants in Hertfordshire- Zebra Riding Club Review”

  • I know Robin Gill’s food from Sorella in Clapham – love the look of all of that (especially the mains feast) and the pretty canelle at the end is an excellent finish!

  • Ohhh The Coop and Venison main dish looked so good! It looks like small portions though so you know I won’t be sharing. Was it all a tasting menu? Or could you pick from a menu of items?

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