Lockdown birthday Ideas- Making it Special

Lockdown birthday Ideas- Making it Special

Lockdown stops us going out and celebrating but it doesn’t mean that we can’t mark important days in alternative ways. Birthdays deserve to be celebrated in the grandest way possible, whether it is a children’s party at home or an adults. If you are planning a stay at home celebration for a loved ones birthday, here are our lockdown birthday ideas for how you can create a fun-filled event without going out.

Choose a theme:


As adults, we rarely plan a themed party which is why it is such fun. Keeping it a surprise can also add to the excitement. Think about your loved one- what do they like? If the lucky person is into movies or has a favourite series, for example Star Wars or Harry Potter, why not go for this? Make it personal to the person and shop online for costumes and themed accessories.

Make a guest list:

planning a party

This is going to be online due to lockdown restrictions which actually can make the guest list easier to manage. Think about whether your birthday person would like a big or intimate affair and make the guest list accordingly. Make sure that the people you invite are onboard with the theme and willing to dress up, giving them plenty of time to organise suitable costumes. Create a date and time and send those email invite links.

Plan the menu:

party food

You have shopped for your costume and props online so now to think about what you will eat. How about finding fun recipes that match your theme? They do of course need to be all of your birthday persons favourites! You could even name all of the food according to the famous words of the books or movies you pick? A gorgeous cake completes the food experience.

Find the perfect gift:

custom pins

The party is a gift in itself but a little present to say I love you goes a long time in these challenging times. Think about something really personal that they would really love. Be organised and order the gift well in advance to avoid disappointment. How about one of these donut gift box with a personalised message? We have oodles of ideas in our gift guides here. Unique custom pin badges are really a thoughtful gift.

Organise some entertainment:


Some games can make for a fun filled online party. Schedule your call for a time that fits around your food plans and you are ready to sit back and enjoy. Why not host a charity games in night? Get your device fully charged in advance and enjoy the company of your loved ones virtually.

Lockdown birthday ideas:

We wish you a fun-filled celebration and one which your loved one will not forget. Please share your lockdown birthday ideas with us in the comments below.

Happy Planning!

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