Karndean Flooring- Art for your Bathroom… on Your Floor

Karndean Flooring- Art for your Bathroom… on Your Floor

Like many people, you may feel that your bathroom lacks any particular piece of personality. Maybe it has not crossed your mind previously just how relaxing the one room you get to yourself can really be.

For starters, your floor is something you don’t want to sacrifice when it comes to style. You love the thought of tiles but shudder at the uncomfortable cold they produce. You would love it to be a wooden floor style, but laminate is just not your bag.

In these cases, we would focus on Karndean click vinyl flooring as the better option over anything else.

Practical On Top of Authentic:

The common feedback that anyone gives when you mention vinyl flooring is that it just isn’t like the real thing, and that is true but not in the negative context you hear it in.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is a perfect replication of woods, stones and other flooring options you can choose. In fact you would be hard pressed to tell the difference and so would any guests you have over. The other benefit being that it does not carry over the risks of real alternatives such as easy wearing, cold underfoot and especially vulnerable to water.

Not Stone Cold

When looking at Da Vinci Stone from the Karndean flooring range, you are looking at well-developed layers with more protective properties than you could count on one hand.

When looking at real stones you are looking at… well, a stone. It can chip, it can chalk, and it can stain. It can also cost a lot of money to replace just one stone crack, leaving entire sections of the floor also at risk when you come to replace it.

Plus, when you put stone flooring into a kitchen or bathroom you run the risk of water creating a slippery surface which can provide serious injuries, whereas vinyl has anti-slip protection to ensure you are safe.

Wood Over Wouldn’t:

Everyone loves the thought of light and dark woods through their home and when it comes to design perspective, Karndean click vinyl flooring provides the most practical options.

Real woods can discolour and chip and even wear away with any water damage, leaving a huge repair bill or risk of infestation if left undetected. Take a look at Karndean’s Art Select range to see how that undeniable quality is present but supplied with all of the best protective qualities wood can not claim to.

Karndean flooring:

Karndean is a premier vinyl flooring option that is more expensive than cheaper brands, but the quality and warranty are undeniable within what you pay towards.

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